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TLP (Transmission-Line Pulse)

GTS Atlas TLP module is an exceptional tool for device characterization. We support kelvin measurements, high impedance TLP, and may provide additional voltage bias to any node during test. TLP capabilities include:

HBM (Human Body Model)

Socketed HBM: More information coming soon.
Two-Pin Parasitic HBM: The GTS Arcus HBM waveforms meet Two-Pin Tester standards under the JS-001-2017 joint specification set by the ESDA and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association. Each HBM current and voltage waveform is recorded at the DUT. The Arcus is presently capable of testing ranges between 250V to 4000V. Clean, clear, and accurate data is now available for every test combination on every device.

CDM (Charged Device Model)

The proven Robotic CDM platform provides exceptional CDM waveforms in accordance with both JEDEC and ESDA standards. We also provide waveforms derived from a modified test head design, for both ESDA and JEDEC, which neatly match those found on the Oryx CDM system. We may also test legacy RCDM waveforms found on older RCDM systems for consistency.

HMM (Human Metal Model)

HMM complies with IEC-6100-4-2 testing on board, wafer, package, or sub assembly. Our GTS Tarvos HMM pulser delivers waveforms through a 50Ω line directly to the DUT. The controlled impedance path removes the uncertainties of gun based testing. Each pulse is monitored and measured. We may also check leakage between pulses and compare for damage assessment. DUT impedance is measured to track heating effects. Waveforms up to 8kV are available.


Latch up capability resides with our proven Zapmaster platform. This 256 pin capable machine delivers standard LU to a variety of packages. Two power supplies in addition to the current injection supply means two separate device supplies may be driven during test.

MM (Machine Model)

We support the MM test standard with our GTS Mars MM pulse module. This module integrates with our Flying Probe station through a zero ohm ground side probe. Current and voltage waveform measurements are collected for each stress on packages or wafers from 50V to 400V.
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