ESD Education

The best way to avoid ESD problems is education. In addition to the blogs and other educational material provided on the Minotaur Labs website, the best source of ESD Education is the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA). The ESDA is a technical/professional association with a world-wide reach headquartered in Rome, New York. Minotaur Labs is proud to be an active participant in ESDA.

ESDA’s activities include:

  • Symposiums and Workshops
    • Annual EOS/ESD Symposium – the primer conference on electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge held yearly in the United States but with a world wide attendance.
    • EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium – held approximately yearly in Asia and Europe
    • International ESD Workshop – an informal workshop to present new ideas and hear educational presentations by leaders in their field. Held annually, alternating between United States and Europe
  • Tutorials
    • Live tutorials
      • During the annual EOS/ESD Symposium
      • Regional tutorials held throughout the world
      • On line tutorials
  • Standards Development
    • Device Testing Standards
      • HBM, CDM, TLP, Transient Latch-Up, …
    • System Level ESD Testing
    • Factory ESD Control
      • ESD Program Management
      • Characterization of ESD Control Products
  • Certification Programs
    • ESD Facilities Certification
    • Technician Certification
    • Device Stress Testing Certification
    • Professional-Program Manager
    • Professional-Device Design